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"We tell stories in order to live."

- Joan Didion

a bit more about Andrew Parrella

He wasn’t the first one in the pool, but Andrew Parrella was an early adopter of podcasting and saw the merits the medium offered. In 2016, Parrella started Dot Mug Productions, an independent podcast production company; and over the years has helped many individuals, nonprofits, and corporations to find their voice, develop the sound of their podcasts, and define the stories they want to tell.


The silver-eared smith cut his teeth in the world of public radio. Starting at WGBH in Boston in 2002, before joining the staff of New Hampshire Public Radio as Production Manager in 2007. In that time, he filed stories for Marketplace; produced two rounds of StoryCorps mobile booth visits to NH; and wrote and produced Something Wild, a podcast and radio feature about NH’s natural world.


More recently, he revived his thespian roots with a foray into audiobook narration, and recorded several books - you can hear some samples of his voice work here


When he’s not writing in the third person, you might find Parrella riding the hills around his home from the saddle of his bicycle, keeping his stress in check with Tai Chi, or wailing away on his ukulele to his favorite AC/DC songs.

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